Crafting Your CV and Cover Letter for Finnish Employers: A Comprehensive Guide

This blog post, we’ll into the art of creating a standout CV and cover letter for Finnish employers. Whether you’re a student, recent graduate or a seasoned professional, these insights will help you make a lasting impression on Finnish employers. This blog is based on interview conducted by MessiLive! with experts Riikka Korhonen and Miia Juntunen from North Savo TE-office sharing their extensive knowledge and invaluable tips.

Understanding the Cover Letter: Your cover letter is your first opportunity to introduce yourself to potential employers. Miia Juntunen emphasizes that it should be a concise yet compelling snapshot of your professional self. It should answer the question, “Why should the employer hire you for the job?” Here are key points to remember: 

  • Clear and Concise: Finnish employers appreciate brevity. Keep your cover letter to a maximum of one page. 
  • Focus on Work-Related Information: Prioritize your education and work experience, and keep personal details concise.
  • Customization is Key: Tailor your cover letter for each job application to highlight relevant skills and qualifications. 


Mastering the CV: Riikka Korhonen emphasizes that your CV is your ticket to making a strong first impression. Finnish employers often request CVs, so it’s crucial to get it right. Here’s how: 

  • The Three C’s: Make it Clear, Compact, and Customized. Ensure your CV is easy to read, concise, and tailored to the specific job. 
  • Structure Your CV: Start with your contact information and a short profile text that highlights your strengths and core competencies. Follow this with relevant work experience, education, IT skills, language skills, and references. 
  • References: Including one or two references is sufficient, even if you have extensive work experience. 
  • Utilize Technology: Consider using online tools like Canva or Novoresume to create visually appealing and organized CVs.

Adding a Personal Touch: Miia advises job seekers to use a professional photo in their CV, emphasizing that it adds a human element to your application. A clear, well-lit photo can make you memorable. 

When Finnish is Not Required: If the job doesn’t require Finnish language skills, should you submit your CV in English or Finnish? Miia suggests researching the company and job advertisement language. If the job announcement and company website are in English, go with an English CV. 

Elevator Pitch and Video CVs: You can combine your CV with an elevator pitch or even a video CV. Use this opportunity to showcase your motivation, strengths, and core competencies. 

  • Elevator Pitch: Keep it concise, around 60 seconds, and tailor it to the job you’re applying for. 
  • Video CV: Consider making a short video introducing yourself, your skills, and why you’re the ideal candidate.

For Fresh Graduates: If you lack work experience, emphasize relevant training and any summer job experiences in your CV. Showcase your motivation and how your skills match the job requirements. 

Stand Out with Soft Skills: Miia suggests that highlighting your soft skills and competencies can help you stand out. Match your personality traits to the job requirements and show how they benefit the company. 

Human and Machine Friendly: While making your CV visually appealing, ensure it remains machine-friendly for online application systems. Balancing readability and digital compatibility is key. 

Alternative Ways to Stand Out: Consider making a personal phone call or attending recruitment events to connect with potential employers beyond your CV and cover letter. 

Conclusion: Crafting a compelling CV and cover letter for Finnish employers is a skill that can open doors to exciting job opportunities. By following these expert insights from Riikka Korhonen and Miia Juntunen, you can make a strong impression on prospective employers and enhance your chances of landing your dream job in Finland. Remember, customization, clarity, and a personal touch are your keys to success. Good luck with your job search! 

Resource: Interview with TE Services experts